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Pesticides are applied to protect crops against harmful insects that prove to be damaging for crop productivity. Better yielding rate and efficient prevention of plant diseases are some of the main advantages of applying pest killing substances in agricultural lands. Our range of products offered under this category is effective in safeguarding crops like cotton, paddy, cereals, soybeans and coffee against pests like shoot and fruit borers, pollen, thirps, aphids, whiteflies, jassids and ballworms. The application of these pest killing substances does not have any negative effect on other plants and beneficial microbes present in soil. Fast action, toxin free content, strong effect on nerve cell and trachea of pests, long storage life and simple application method are their main attributes. Pesticides are used to kill and control the growth the unwanted pests in the crops. We offer a range of pesticides which are widely used in all types of soil. These products are safe to use and prevent crops from getting damage. This leads to maximum output from the crops. Moreover, the increased output of the crops benefits the farmer. Further, these products help in preventing the diseases of the crops. We offer these products in air tight plastic bottles, which ensures no leakage problem. Apart from this, these products treat all known bacterias and pests. These also maintain the soil pH value and protect it from any damage. In addition, these Pesticides are Eco friendly and there is no chemical used in these products. 


  • Offered array of Pesticides affects trachea and nervous systems of pests to prevent their proliferation.
  • These are useful for protecting crops against ballworms, jassids and various other pests.
  • Long shelf life
  • Promote higher crop production

We mainly deals in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh & all of the South States.