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Humic Acid Fertilizer

Available in crystalline or granular form, Humic Acid is effective in raising nutrient absorption capacity of plants. The application of this organic substance on soil helps to maintain bondage between minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and various other trace minerals present in soil. As suitable chelating factor, this organic substance prevents plants to absorb toxic elements found in soil. Humic Acid is also effective in enhancing water retention rate of soil.  As per research study, application of this product promotes growth of beneficial microbes in soil by providing required carbon for microbes. To be precise, large molecular structure of this acid enables it to maintain bond with different sorts of soil particles so that necessary space is created for effective growth of healthy microbes. Humic Acid helps in increasing the metabolism & nutrients intake along with improving the plant-growth. This acid is primarily present in the fertile soil but is lost by many means. Humic acid acts as a supplement to crops and increases its yield. We offer this fertilizer in the liquid, powder, and many other types. The main function of this supplement is to bind the soil's molecules, calcium and other positive micro nutrients. Humic Acid absorb all the elements and transports directly to the root. Moreover, these helps in boosting crops, maintain soil pH, preserve soil from further damage. Humic Acid is environment friendly and doesn't contain any chemical.


  • When applied via foliar spray, this acid promotes cell wall penetration capacity of plants.
  • It provides shelter and food to beneficial microbes.
  • Applied via foliar spray
  • Suitable for direct application on soil

We mainly deals in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh & all of the South States.